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Original      Functional      Unique 

We are specialized in the design of furniture, accessories and decorative items. 

Do you have an idea that requires 3D modeling ? 

Looking to develop a single object, a collection, a whole range of items ? 

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Don't hesitate to explore our designs open for distribution and ready to be launched ! 

   Our services   

and a few examples of our work !


3D Modeling


Let's give life to your ideas ! 

Tell us what you have in mind and what you need, we will give it 


There are three different phases to the furniture and product design process : 

  • design and sketch phase.

  • A development phase.

  • prototype and production phase.

Contact us to discuss about your project and the terms and proceedings of each phase. 


Let's change dimension ! 

For your 3D modeling needs, we can : 

  • Make a 3D model of an object based on a precise drawing (detailed dimensions).

  • Make a 3D model of an object from a sketch or a photo.

  • We can also do some modeling for your 3D printing needs. 

Our prices  depend on the complexity of the object to be modeled and the type of rendering that you want. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss about your project and get a free quote !